25 Days of Christmas: 25 Craft Ideas and Activities For Toddlers

25 Days Of Christmas

It’s that wonderful time of year again! We love the holiday season, but our favorite holiday of all is Christmas. The music, the tasty treats, holiday shopping, decorating the house, and quality family time are just a few reasons we cherish this last month of each year. This time of year also presents us with more time to spend with our daughter and we love filling that time with activities to do together. Here is our list of the 25 crafts ideas and activities that we’ve enjoyed doing together and know that you will enjoy as well!

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1. Christmas Ball Ornament: This project is great for the little ones as it is hands on, easy to create, and can even be turned into a gift for family members! The best part of this activity? It produced NO MESS! Since Mommy was in charge of the glitter portion, we didn’t have that much to clean up when we were finished.


Clear Plastic Ball Ornaments
Small Red, White, and Green Pom Poms
Silver or White Glitter
Red, White, and Green Pony Beads
Silver Bells
Snowflake Glitter
Red, White, and Green Tissue Paper


To create these incredibly simple Christmas ornaments, gather some holiday themed craft essentials from your local craft store. The ornaments themselves were purchased at our dollar store and they came in a two pack! The tops pop right off and they were just perfect for this project.


First, we took all of our ornament fillers and placed them in small cups and ramekins for LC to easily select from. Using a small, we secured our ornament so it wouldn’t roll away while LC filled each ornament with her selections from the supplies. To finish these off, we added a small piece of paper inside with LC’s name and year. If you’re looking for a cute little gift to make for family members, this is by far the easiest and your kids will love putting them together!

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2. Paper Plate Stacked Christmas Tree: These stacked Christmas trees are breeze to put together and are a great activity to do with children of all ages. One tree requires only 1 plate, so this is a perfect activity if you are finding yourself low on crafting supplies.


Paper Plates
Green Crayons
Glitter Pens
Stickers ( For Ornaments )
Yellow and Brown Construction Paper ( Optional )


First, take your paper plate and have your kids color the bottom. Take your colored plate and cut it into 4 pieces. Now take these pieces and stack them one on top of each other ( see picture below ). Glue your plates into place and you’re ready to “trim” your tree!


After you have decorated your tree with whatever you’ve decided to use, cut out a star and a tree truck to finish your Christmas tree off.

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3. Christmas Wreath: This one can be a little messy, but that’s what makes it a fun project, right? When you’re done creating your wreath, you could easily frame it and have a beautiful, handmade holiday decor item for house to keep and treasure for years to come!


Painting Paper
Green and Red Paint
Scrubber Brush
Gift Bow


First, take your piece of painting paper and draw a large circle using a pencil. Use a paper plate to put your green paint on. We always use paper plates to put on paint on during painting projects because it makes for a quick and easy way to clean up afterwards! Let your little ones dip the scrub brush into the green paint and have them try to “paint” around the circle you have created.

Wait for the green paint to dry and add some “holly” around your wreath using a Q-Tip. Once everything is completely dry, add a gift wrapping bow to your wreath a finishing touch. If you plan to frame your child’s work, rather than a gift wrapping bow, simply use a piece of construction paper to create a flat bow.

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4. Christmas Sensory Bin: Our first Christmas themed sensory bin is a calm one. We decided to ditch the bright colors, glitter, and what not and create a sensory activity that had more of a natural feel. We did use some fake elements, but that was purely for safety reasons.


Green, Red, and White Beans
Pine Cones
Spruce Branches ( Fake )
Holly Branches ( Fake )


Almost all of the elements in this sensory activity were purchased at our dollar store. Since our home backs up to a wooded area, we were fortunate enough to be able to gather pine cones from our own back yard. If you are on the hunt for pine cones yourself, Michael’s always has an amazing selection this time of year and they always smell of cinnamon and spice! Spruce up this sensory activity by adding wooden spoons and bowls to keep with the calming color theme!

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5. Christmas Tree Bowling: Looking for a fun and active game for you and your kids to play with this season? Here is a fun Christmas themed bowling game that you can easily create and enjoy!


10 Plastic or Paper Cups
Green and Yellow Construction Paper
Ball ( you could even use a plastic round ornament ! )


Use your green construction paper to cut out 10 Christmas trees and use your yellow construction paper to create 10 stars for your trees. Flip your cups upside down and tape your trees and stars to each cup.

Stack your cups on top of one another, or you could place them in a pyramid shape just like in real bowling. Use your ball, or ornament, and get to playing some Christmas themed bowling!

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6.  Super Simple Candy Cane Craft: Looking for a quick and simple craft to do with your kids? This is it! Needing only two items, you can put together these adorable candy canes together as a great activity to do with each other while also keeping on budget!


Red and White Pony Beads
Green Pipe Cleaners


To create these simple candy canes, you only need the two items listed above. This activity is a cheap and fun craft idea to do with children of all ages and you can even use them to decorate your presents for the holidays!


To start, first take one of your pipe cleaners and bend it in the middle to create a V shape. Slide one of your pony beads to the center. This will keep the rest of your beads from sliding off.

Next, hold the two pipe cleaner ends together and slide on the rest of your beads in some sort of color pattern. We did red-white-red-white because, well, were making candy canes! Leave a little space at the end so that you can bend your ends over and secure your beads from falling off this end.

Now, carefully bend one of your ends over to form your candy cane shape. All done! Attach these candy canes to a present using a festive red ribbon and you’ve created a fun, and cheap, accent piece 🙂

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7. Snowman Mask: This super cute project is another simple craft to do with your kids during the holiday season. If you are planning a holiday party with a trendy photo booth, these masks also make for great prop!


Paper Plates
Black Construction Paper
Elmer’s Glue
Cotton Balls
Red and Green Pom Poms


First, take your paper plate and cut out the center. Use your Elmer’s glue to attach your cotton balls around your paper plate.


Take a piece of black construction paper and cut out a hat shape. Using a piece of red construction paper, cut out a strip to add to your hat. Glue this red strip on to your hat and, if you choose to use them, add some red and green glitter highlights with your glitter pom poms. LC refused to put on her strip of red paper. She said ” it doesn’t need it “. Oh, that lovely phase is starting already! Finish off your mask by taping a popsicle stick to the back of your mask and you’re ready for a photo shoot!

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8. Winter ” Wonderland ” Sensory Bin: If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then this is a wonderful sensory bin activity for you to try out as well. December, usually, brings colder days and this year we are hoping for a white Christmas. Last year, we were pushing 75 degrees! If it happens again this year, this sensory bin may just be our only glimpse at that dream 🙂


White and Blue Rice ( Dyed )
Snowflake Confetti Pack
Large Flake Silver Glitter
Silver Bells
Plastic Ramekins


Just add all of your materials to a large container for some sensory fun! This exact sensory bin is available on our Etsy shop for purchase. All of our sensory bin kits features a brand new book that relates to the them of the bin. This kit comes with ” A Snowy Surprise ” and you can view this listing HERE and it’s a steal for only $5 !


9. Homemade Gingerbread Playdough: Playdough is such a great go to project any time of the year, but this gingerbread playdough activity is perfect for this time of year. Our home is full of amazing scents this time of year and your child’s playdough activity can be as well! Here is a great link to another blog’s wonderful gingerbread playdough recipe. We used this recipe for our activity and it turned out perfect!

Looking for other holiday themed playdough recipes? Check out this awesome post that features wintergreen, peppermint, and even sugar cookie playdough recipes !

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10. Number Building With Christmas Trees: If you’ve ever read any of our other posts, you should know that we couldn’t just do fun projects without trying to sneak in some educational ones! The best way to get kids to learn or review material is to do it in a way that they don’t realize they’re doing it!


Christmas Tree Print Out ( FREE 🙂 )


You can easily create your own Christmas tree for this activity, but we just printed off the tree from the link because we loved the way it looked and it was one less thing we had to do in our busy schedule. Simply click on the link in the supply list, right-click on the tree image, save it to your computer, and print! Once you have your tree outline, let your little ones color it and add numbers 1 – 5. Cut your tree up into sections and have your children put it back together in the correct order. This is a great activity to keep them busy while you’re trying to get those last few To-Dos crossed off your holiday list!

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11. Snowman Button Counting Activity: Okay, so we decided to sneak in a few educational projects…. This game is great for those little ones beginning to learn and understand number representation AND that to refine those fine motor skills!


Construction Paper


To create this game, first take a piece of white construction paper and cut out at least 5 snowmen. Use your sharpie and crayons to draw on their faces to give them some personality! Now take another piece of construction paper, in whatever color you choose, and create one hat to associate with each of your snowman. We used our hats as more of a deck of cards for LC to shovel through to find a number, but you could easily make these hats to scale for each of your snowmen to wear.


Next, assign each hat a number and write this number using your sharpie. Gather some buttons and you’re ready to play! Draw a hat card with a number on it and have your little one put that many buttons on one of the snowmen and continue this process until either you’re out of buttons or all of your snowmen good to go with their buttons. 🙂

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12. Christmas Sensory Bag: If you’re in search of a nice calming activity for your little ones, this is definitely something we recommended! Sensory bags, or bottles, are great for helping children calm down, cope with anxiety, and to give everyone involved a moment to breathe!


6 Cups of Water
1 Cup of Baby Oil
Silver and Blue Glitter
Plastic Snowflakes
Silver Bells
Gallon Size Ziploc Bag
Clear Packaging Tape


In a gallon sized Ziploc bag, add 6 cups of water and 1 cup of baby oil. Throw in the glitter, bells, snowflakes, and whatever else you choose. Zip up the bag and use the clear packaging tape to attach it to a glass door or window. If your children are anything like our daughter, this could keep them quite, still, and calm for at least 20 minutes or so, buying you some time to put your feet up and bask in the silence!

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13. Ornament Suncatcher: Suncatchers are so easy to create and they can be included in almost any themed activity or unit you put together. We’ve done them for our ” Exploring Our Ocean ” unit, Halloween projects, and so much more. One roll of clear contact paper goes a long way and it’s an essential we always keep stocked in our craft supplies!


Clear Contact Paper
Red, White, and Green Tissue Paper


To prep for this project, take your tissue paper and cut them into squares or rectangles. You could have your kids help with this part by letting them simply tear the tissue up into smaller pieces. Place all of your tissue paper into a bowl to easily manage the mess.


Cut off a portion of contact paper from the roll, remove the white paper, and lay this piece of contact paper, sticky side up, on a table or other smooth surface. Now have your kids place the tissue paper all over the contact paper. When finish, cover this piece of contact paper with another piece from your roll, sticky side down. Smooth out any air bubbles and make sure that your paper is secure. Now, using a pair of scissors, cut out some ornament shapes. Use a simple piece of tape to secure these beautiful ” stained glass ” suncatchers to a window or glass door!

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14. Melted Snowman: This is such a great project for toddlers because they can be free to paint where ever they choose on the paper. No guidelines to follow or lines to color in!


Blue, Black, and Orange Construction Paper
White Paint


Let your little ones paint on a piece of blue construction paper with white paint. Prior to your painting activity, use your orange and black construction paper to create a carrot noise and charcoal pieces. Before the paint dries, place the carrot nose and various charcoal pieces on the paper. And now you have a melted snowman!

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15. Reindeer Hats: When we went to get our pictures taken with Santa Claus, we were given these really cute reindeer hats. Since we had to wait in a long line to actually get our pictures, that hat didn’t make it long with a fidgety 2-year-old. When we got home, we made these versions of reindeer hats to make everything all better again! These cute hats would also be great for photo booth pictures!


3 Pieces of Brown Construction Paper
1 Red Pom Pom
Elmer’s Glue
Googly Eyes


Take 2 pieces of your construction paper and cut out two thick strips. Tape these two strips of paper together. Using your 3rd piece of construction paper and a pencil, trace your child’s hands. Cut out the hands and set aside as these will be your reindeer antlers for your hat!


Glue on your googly eyes and red pom pom to the strip of paper and let dry. You can use either glue or tape to attach your reindeer antlers to the other side of the strip of paper. Once all of the glue is dried, you’re ready to connect the two ends of your strips of paper to form a hat! We used tape for this portion.

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16. Hot Cocoa Sensory Bin: Christmas time screams hot cocoa time! This is a fun sensory bin activity for your little ones, but it also can be used in a dramatic play setting. This idea comes from ” Play and Learn Everyday “. You can check out this fun sensory activity here.

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17. Yarn Wrapped Stars: Here is another great activity for your children to do that will produce another beautiful addition to your Christmas tree!


Cardboard Star Cut Outs
Yellow Yarn


We use old boxes for cardboard projects like this. Simply dismantle your box and use a marker or Sharpie to draw the outline you’d like to cut out. For this project, we cut out stars and trees. Once you have your outline, cut out your shape and gather your yarn. Use a piece of tape to attach your yarn and then let your children wrap their shape cut out with the yarn. These types of projects are really great for focusing on those fine motor skills and you get a cute little ornament at the end. Once your children are done wrapping, tie a knot at the end of your piece of yarn and cut.


18. Popsicle Snowflakes: Here is another great and winter inspired craft to do with the kids this season. You could even do this throughout January and February as well, when you’re stuck in the house on a snowy day! This craft idea comes from ” Kids Craft Room “. You can click here to be taken to their blog post about how to create these adorable snowflakes!

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19. Christmas Tree Crayons: How festive! These cute Christmas tree crayons and incredibly easy to make and they make great party favors for the little ones that attend your Christmas party!


Christmas Tree Silicon Mold ( Found at Michael’s )
Green, Red, and White Crayons ( Leftover or new )


Preheat your oven to 250. Next, take your crayons and remove all of the wrapping paper from them. Break them up into smaller pieces, either with your hands or by using a knife. Once you have all of your crayon pieces ready to go, place them your silicone tree mold. Pop them in the oven for about 15 minutes. If you find that your crayons have melted down, but you’d like them to be thicker crayons, simply add more crayon pieces at this point and pop them back in the oven for another 15 minutes.

Once they are done, let them cool for at least 45 minutes. Before you try to take them out of the mold, be sure that they are completely cooled. Once you feel they are ready, go ahead and pop them out of the silicone mold.


This Christmas tree crayon set is available for purchase in our Etsy shop! Click HERE to be taken to this listing. Looking for other specialty crayons already made and ready to go? We’ve got them in our Etsy shop! Click the link below to be taken to our latest crayon listing!


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20. Paper Plate Santa: This cute holiday craft idea comes from ” Krokotak “. You’ve probably seen at least one of their craft videos on Facebook, but if you haven’t, you should totally check out their blog and Facebook page! They are magicians with paper and their projects are incredibly simple to do. Each of their projects features a video that will truly get you inspired to grab the scissors, paper, and tape! Check out this super cute Paper Plate Santa idea by clicking here.


21. Christmas Tree Busy Bag: Need a little something to keep the kids entertained at the office Christmas party? Make these cute Christmas Tree Busy bags ahead of time! They can decorate their trees over and over and the best part? No Mess! You could even add a few number cards in the bags and turn this into a fun math game 🙂


Green Felt
Red, Green, and White Glitter Pom Poms
Ziploc Bag


All you need to do is cut out a few Christmas tree outlines from your piece of green felt, throw them in a Ziploc bag along with several glitter pom poms, and you’re all set !

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22. Holiday Cards Created By The Kids: We all love those crafts and pictures our children create for us and this is great way to spread their creativity around to family and friends! Let your little ones help this holiday season and have them create their own cards for your loved ones. There isn’t any glue or mess involved with this project and they make such sweet gifts to give those loved ones around you.


Blank Card Stock and Envelope Pack
Red, Green, and Blue Crayons
Lots of Holiday Stickers


The best gift you could give a grandparent is a handmade card from your children. This is a great project for getting kids, of all ages, involved in the holiday season. For us, we used our sharpie to write a warm holiday greeting and let our daughter do the rest. She covered each card with beautiful drawings and finished them off with a ton of holiday themed stickers! Our dollar store has some great Christmas themed glitter foam stickers right now, so we stocked up on them during our last trip for this activity.

This cards are also a great gift for people outside of your family. We are always going through our clothes and toys and making a trip to the Good Will, so our daughter is already familiar with giving to those that are without. You could easily create a handful of these cards and have your children pass them out to people you come across this holiday season that are either without or are just in need of a sweet and warm message. We’ve given a few to the sweet people we see throughout the year at our grocery store!

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23. Pom Pom Painting: Painting is a project that is always sure to be a hit with the little ones, but change it up and use other items, besides a brush, to paint with! For this project idea, we used glitter pom poms, which gave us really cool patterns and textures.


Painting Paper
Pom Poms
Washable Paint


To create your pom pom paintbrush, simply clip a clothespin on to a large pom pom. Set out various colors of paint on a paper plate and let your little ones get busy painting!


VARIATION: Using a sharpie and painting paper, draw various items like Christmas tress, stars, ornament shapes, and so on. Let your little ones paint however they choose on your paper. They don’t need to stay in the lines! Once the paint has dried, cut out your shapes. These would be great as little ornaments for your Christmas tree!

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24. Snow Globe Sensory Bottle: This amazing idea comes from ” No Time For Flash Cards ” and it is sure to keep your little ones happy, calm, and engaged. Simply using a leftover bottle, water, glitter, and a few other items, you can easily create these sensory jars for your kids! Click here to be taken to their site for a list of materials and step by step instructions.

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25.  Cookie Decorating Station: You can’t do a post about Christmas themed crafts, activities, and projects WITHOUT one of those ideas being Christmas cookies! Possibly our favorite part of this season, Christmas cookies and family time go hand in hand! This year, we made our holiday cookies with our daughter and she had a blast helping in the kitchen, but her favorite part was the decorating portion! It may have been because she helped herself to a large amount of sugar, but I’ll call this one a win either way.


Sugar Cookies ( Here is a great recipe )
Holiday Sprinkles
Icing Tubes
1 Can of White Icing

We’ve posted before about how children helping in the kitchen is a great way to find some family time, but to also teach them important life skills and show them how the things they learn in math and science class IS something they will use in the future. Yes, the things I did, or did not, learn in algebra don’t appear in the kitchen, but working with fractions is something that we experience almost every night during the making of dinner. If you find yourself in a situation where your child is struggling in math, helping with measuring or cooking times could be a way to help out and cement this knowledge.

Our daughter is a bit too young for those heavy math concepts, but we use this time to help her practice counting and familiarize herself with the concept of time. LC loves helping in the kitchen, but that’s because she is usually on the hunt for something containing sugar and wants to be front and center in the event something with chocolate shows up!

Using whatever recipe you choose, make your cookies together first. While they are baking set up all of your decorating supplies and a space for your children to work. If you are dealing with smaller children, you make just want to keep this batch for yourself, as sticky and licked fingers will find their way to each and every cookie!

That concludes our list of 25 Christmas themed activities and projects! We hope you get to try a few of these out with your little ones during this holiday season. Don’t forget to scan through our other post from this year and see what fun we have all year long. We hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy each and every second together!

Brittany XOXO

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