Product Review: Effortless Art Crayons

With preschoolers, the go-to project for us is usually one that involves coloring. Our little one, who isn’t so little anymore, has been coloring since she was about one. We started with the large egg crayons, moved on to the triangular crayons and now she is a pencil/crayon/marker holding pro! All of these writing/coloring tools have definitely done their job and have helped LC strengthen the muscles in her hand, which has given her the wonderful pencil grip that she has today. Out of all of these tools, our favorite, and in my opinion, the most effective tool, was the triangular shaped crayons. The triangle shape really helps little ones get a good grip on their crayon, which then helps strengthen the muscles needed for future pencil grip, and it also prevents the crayons from rolling away.

As you may know, starting in August we will be opening up our home to two other preschool aged children to begin our Tot Preschool Program. This is an opportunity for us to begin our homeschooling journey, while also allowing LC to make a few friends and build relationships with them. For this program, I have created a “curriculum” for our year together based on what I know every child will need when they go to Kindergarten. You know, the basics; colors, letters, shapes, numbers, counting, etc. We have already started having one of our Preschool Program friends join us during the week. Jack is a sweet little boy and Lyanna has really taken to being his “teacher”.

We have decided to dive right in with Jack and start our learning journey by exploring, creating, and growing. Every child is different. Jack and LC are no exception to that rule. One of the areas that they differ in is how they hold a writing/coloring tool. With Jack, we are working with strengthening his hand muscles. So, given our success with the triangular crayons, that is the first tool I pulled out for him to work with. AND THEN…. I received a message from a company called Effortless Art Crayons. They wanted to know if I would be interested in trying out their product and giving my honest opinion. The product they wanted me to try? Triangular crayons! I happily agreed and impatiently waited for my package to arrive….

After ripping open our package, my daughter and I had the same reaction… OOHHH! The crayons were beautifully packaged, but the bright colors and cool shape really impressed us both. Of course she wanted to use them right away, but I was impatient and opened them right before bed time, so that was a temporary No. Fast forward to Monday morning, we were both ready for Jack to get here so we could try out our new crayons!

Once we were all set and ready to go, I set the box of crayons in between the kids and told them to have at it! I gave neither of them direction on how to hold their crayons, what they were expected to do, or where to start. I wanted their true and honest reactions and opinions about the crayons. I also wanted this to be another experience where they were free to explore! THEY LOVED THEM! The grabbed a crayon and got to creating immediately! Being that they are two and three year olds, they weren’t telling me how they loved the grip, or how smooth they colored, but I did notice that they BOTH were comfortably holding the crayons and coloring away!

I will admit that I did my fair share of “testing” as well and I have to say that, as an artist, I actually really enjoyed using these crayons. They remind me a bit of oil pastels in how smoothly they glide on paper, but without all the excess material and messiness. I also found the crayons to be the perfect size for little hands. They are smaller than traditional crayons which makes them ideal for those tiny little two year old hands we are currently working with!

I have to say that our favorite feature of these crayons was the shape. The triangle shape does make them easy to grip and an excellent tool for refining those fine motor skills, but it also allows for easy coloring with either end! They can also be laid down on their side and used to create a really cool streak effect! I also LOVE the fact they these awesome crayons are made using 100% recycled materials. As someone who also runs an Etsy shop that produces recycled specialty crayons, I know how time consuming that process can be and it is much appreciated !

I would highly recommend these amazing crayons to every parent, teacher, babysitter, and caregiver. These crayons are perfect for young artists! The colors are beautiful, the size and shape make them a wonderful tool for little hands, AND they are green friendly! Be sure to check out the Effortless Art Crayons website to order your own set.


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