Exploring The Letter Y: You, Yellow, and Yarn


At the beginning of our letter exploration, we start by looking at the letter and tracing this letter with our fingers. During this time, I make the sound that that particular letter makes and LC repeats it back to me.We use an alphabet placemat for this portion. We then sing the ABC song, putting emphasis on the letter we will be learning about. Since the school year is back in full swing, I’m not with LC all day anymore. Ugh! We now take about 5 to 7 days to get through each letter. You may find that that time frame is either too long, or too short, for your own little one, but it works for us.

The idea behind OUR letter units is to provide opportunities for hands on learning that allow LC to learn each of her letters, the sounds they make, and to make real world connections with these letters, while also touching on other concepts and subject areas. For example, when we were working on the letter A, we learned that the word “apple” starts with A. Rather than just leaving it at that, we took that opportunity to learn more about apples. How they grow, what colors they come in, the different ways we can use them, and so on. There is an opportunity to learn something new every single day and we fully plan on taking advantage of these opportunities. Here are our activity and projects all about the letter Y ! Be sure to check out our previous post: ” Exploring The Letter X: Xylophones and X-Rays ” .


For this portion of our letter Y exploration, we let LC focus on her. Her beautiful smile, her ability to be silly at just the right moments, and her other wonderful characteristics. We also talked about our bodies, what each part of is called, what makes up our bodies, and how we keep them safe and healthy.

Here are the activities and projects we did for this portion of our letter exploration unit:


This activity was so much fun for us! At the age of two, LC knows her facial features, but it was so funny to see her examine her face in a mirror and “draw” what she saw. We started with an outline of a head, neck, and shoulders on a piece of construction paper and let LC start wherever she wanted to on her portrait. We helped her along the way by sketching the eyes, nose, and mouth placement and she did her best to color over these areas herself. I think this is going to be a project I keep up with every year and see how her self-portraits change and evolve over time!

All About Me Questionaire – This is a cute questionaire to do each year with your children. We used this questionaire and it was hilarious to hear LC’s responses. Be honest and write down whatever your children say. You’ll appreciate this honesty later in their lives when you pull these out!

Here are the videos we used for this portion of our letter unit:

Who I Am Sesame Street Video

All About Me Video


Our little one knows all of her colors, but this was a fun way for us to explore the colors around us, while also learning about the letter Y. We focused more on the letter Y for this portion of our unit, but including the color yellow as way to also incorporate text and help LC also start to learn to identify and “read” the color names as well.

Here are the activities and projects we did for this portion of our letter exploration unit:

Yellow Sensory Bin

Colorful sensory bins are always fun to put together. LC went through our classroom and pulled out all of the yellow items that she saw. We through everything in our sensory bin, along with some yellow hand dyed rice, and played for over an hour. Colored themed sensory bins are great for little ones learning their colors, but they are also a great opportunity for language development and self exploration!

What’s Yellow Sorting Activity

Here is a color sorting activity we did for this unit. Sorting activities are great for little ones and can also help build a strong foundation for math skills later in their academic success. For this activity, we simply created a pile of toys and items in various colors and LC pulled out the yellow objects that she saw.

Color Names Coloring Activity – We used this coloring sheet for this portion of our letter unit. It features all of the colors, but we started with yellow since that’s where our focus was.

Here are the videos we used for this portion of our unit:

Learning Colors For Kids

Colorful Ice Cream Video 


If you love doing projects and activities with your children, you probably already have a stock pile of yarn in your craft supplies. For this portion of our unit, we talked about all the ways you can use yarn and we did several projects using yarn as a main material.

Here are a few of the activities and projects we did for this portion of our letter exploration unit:

Yarn Wrapped Stars and Trees


This is an activity that we had done during Christmas to make some ornaments for our tree. All you need is a piece of cardboard, yarn, a pair of scissors, and tape. Cut you cardboard into any shape you’d like, tape a piece of yarn to this piece of cardboard and let your little ones wrap the yarn around the shape. This is an incredibly easy project to put together, but it also focuses on improving those fine motor skills.

Lacing Activity

Lacing cards are another activity that focuses on developing those fine motor skills. You can find lacing cards just about anywhere, even at your local dollar store! We found our set in the dollar section at Target over the summer.



We are so close to being done with our letter exploration units! I can’t believe we will be started the letter Z next week. Throughout our units, our daughter has learned so much and we have spent a great deal of time together.  Keep an eye out for next weeks unit, ” Exploring The Letter Z: Zucchini, Zebras, and Zippers

Brittany XOXO

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