Exploring The Letter X : Xylophones and X-Rays


At the beginning of our letter exploration, we start by looking at the letter and tracing this letter with our fingers. During this time, I make the sound that that particular letter makes and LC repeats it back to me.We use an alphabet placemat for this portion. We then sing the ABC song, putting emphasis on the letter we will be learning about. Since the school year is back in full swing, I’m not with LC all day anymore. Ugh! We now take about 5 to 7 days to get through each letter. You may find that that time frame is either too long, or too short, for your own little one, but it works for us.

The idea behind OUR letter units is to provide opportunities for hands on learning that allow LC to learn each of her letters, the sounds they make, and to make real world connections with these letters, while also touching on other concepts and subject areas. For example, when we were working on the letter A, we learned that the word “apple” starts with A. Rather than just leaving it at that, we took that opportunity to learn more about apples. How they grow, what colors they come in, the different ways we can use them, and so on. There is an opportunity to learn something new every single day and we fully plan on taking advantage of these opportunities. Here are our activity and projects all about the letter X ! Be sure to check out our previous post: ” Exploring The Letter W: Whales, Watermelons, and Weather “.


Oh yes, another LOUD unit. Why does it seem that the louder the toys and activities, the happier our children are? We’ve touched on a few musical instruments throughout our letter units, but xylophones seemed to be our daughter’s favorite!

Here are the activities we did for this portion of our letter exploration:

Paper Crafting Xylophone

Since we don’t own a traditional xylophone, we created one using construction paper and made our own sound effects 🙂 . Gather several different colors of construction paper, a glue stick, some scissors, and a sharpie. Select a piece of paper that will serve as your background. Using a piece of black construction paper, we started by cutting out a large X shape. We then took 4 different colored pieces of construction paper and cut out strips to act as our bars. We then took all of our pieces and let LC assemble her xylophone. Once she was done, we used the sharpie to add a title to our paper and practice writing the letter X.

Water Cup Xylophone  –

This is such a cool activity and it was a breeze to create. To make this one yourself, you will need 5 glass cups, water, food dye, or liquid watercolors, and a plastic spoon. Simple fill your different cups with varying amounts of water, as seen in the pictures above. Next, add different colors of food dye to each glass. Give your spoon to your little one and let them find their inner musician! Since you are using glass cups, it goes without saying that this activity needs supervision!

Letter X Coloring Sheets – Here is a link to the coloring sheets we used for this portion of our letter exploration.

Here are the videos we used for this portion of our letter unit:

Xylophone Musical Video For Kids

Intense Xylophone Kids ( For a good laugh 🙂 )

Zeppelin! Louisville Leopard Percussion


The concept and science behind x-rays are too advanced for our daughter’s age group to grasp, but she definetly had fun exploring them and playing doctor. Over the summer, we took a trip to Marbles. It’s a kids museum and it’s amazing for children that love dramatic play. Among the many set-ups they have, including an entire grocery store and kitchen area, they also have a vet’s office and hospital. In both of those areas, they have x-ray stations where children and view x-rays of different parts of the body. Recalling our time at Marbles was a great conversation starter and it brought straight into this portion of our letter unit.

Here are the activities we did for this portion of our letter exploration unit:

X-Ray With Q-Tips

I really wish we would have done this one during Halloween time! It definitely has a creepy factor! To do this project with your little ones, you will need several pieces of black construction paper, Q-Tips, a white crayon, and Elmer’s Glue.

First, trace your child’s hand and arm, using your white crayon, on to a piece of black construction paper. Next, lay out the Q-Tips where your bones are. We started with the fingers and worked our way down. We also had a picture up of what a real arm x-ray looks like as a guide for us to use. Once all of your Q-Tips are in place, go back and glue them to your paper using the Elmer’s glue.

X-Ray Watercolor Creations

For this awesome project, you will need white painting paper, watercolors, a white crayon, and a cup of water. Since we wanted to have a surprise factor for this project, we first drew out hands, feet, and other parts of the body on our white painting paper using the white crayon. This way, when LC went to paint, the images would just appear. We took our paper and held it over her hand, acted like we were taking an x-ray and then let her paint to reveal the image! When painting with the watercolor for this project, we found that we got our best result when we used darker colors like black or brown. These colors also made our x-rays look for realistic!

X-Ray Printouts – Here is a link to some awesome x-ray print outs that you can use as visuals for your own discussion about x-rays! You can laminate and even continue to use them in a dramatic play center!

Here are the videos we used for this portion of our letter unit:

What’s An X-Ray? 

How An X-Ray Works – Bethany G


Another exploration down! As our letter units draw to a close, we are frantically searching for ideas to keep up with LC’s love of learning. If you have any suggestions about great blogs or sites where you find your ideas at, we’d love to hear about them! Check out our next letter exploration post ” Exploring The Letter Y: You, Yellow, and Yarn “.

Brittany XOXO

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