Exploring The Letter L: Lions, Ladybugs, and Lemons


At the beginning of our letter exploration, we start by looking at the letter and tracing this letter with our fingers. During this time, I make the sound that that particular letter makes and LC repeats it back to me.We use an alphabet placemat for this portion. We then sing the ABC song, putting emphasis on the letter we will be learning about. Since the school year is back in full swing, I’m not with LC all day anymore. Ugh! We now take about 5 to 7 days to get through each letter. You may find that that time frame is either too long, or too short, for your own little one, but it works for us.

The idea behind OUR letter units is to provide opportunities for hands on learning that allow LC to learn each of her letters, the sounds they make, and to make real world connections with these letters, while also touching on other concepts and subject areas. For example, when we were working on the letter A, we learned that the word “apple” starts with A. Rather than just leaving it at that, we took that opportunity to learn more about apples. How they grow, what colors they come in, the different ways we can use them, and so on. There is an opportunity to learn something new every single day and we fully plan on taking advantage of these opportunities. Here are our activity and projects ideas all about the letter L ! Be sure to check out our previous post: ” Exploring The Letter K: Kiwi, Kites, and Kangaroos “.


We learned all about the letter L this week and so much more about lions! We learned all about their habits, pack love, and the wonderful people that take care of them in the various sanctuaries around the world. Did you know that lions have the loudest roar? We probably shouldn’t have told LC that because she’s been loudly roaring around the house ALL WEEK!

Here are a few of the activities we did for this portion of our letter exploration:

Lion Mask


This is a very simple mask to create with your little ones! You will need a paper plate, yellow and orange construction paper, scissors, and Elmer’s glue. You will also need an Exacto knife. That tool made cutting out the center of the paper plate so easy! After you cut out your center, take your scissors to your construction paper and cut out strips of these colors. Next, cut these strips in half. Now that your materials are all ready to go, let you little one glue each strip around their paper plate.


We’ve been playing with our mask all week and the dogs are over being scared of it. Now, they just try and get it from her to demolish it!

Painting With Lenny The Lion


For this activity, you will need a piece of paper thick enough to paint on, one or two forks, a paper plate, a black sharpie, and yellow and orange paint. First, draw your lion’s face. To give LC a guiding line, we traced a bowl to give us a perfect circle for our lion’s face. We then gave him eyes, a nose, and mouth. Next, put your paint on to your paper plate. We love using paper plates for painting projects since they make clean up so much easier and quicker!

The objective here was to use the forks to create the lion’s mane, but you shouldn’t expect a toddler to keep with the this objective. If they want to, great! If not, that’s fine too. Remember that at this age, project objectives are great, but if you don’t get the final result you want, that’s just fine too! Little ones need these opportunities to explore different materials, what they can do, and to do just have fun. Yes, they need to learn how to follow directions and understand the importance of steps, but in this instance, that really didn’t matter.

We made a few marks with the forks to show LC what she COULD do, helped her created some of these lines on her own, and then let her create her lion how ever she wanted. I think he turned out just perfect 🙂

Lion Coloring SheetsHere is a link to the coloring sheets we used for this portion of our letter exploration unit.

Here are the video resources we used for this portion of our letter exploration:

San Diego Zoo Kids

Lions Treat Women Like Their Leader

Lions: Animals For Kids


We aren’t strangers to bugs around here. This summer, we did a whole bug unit where we explored the world of bugs and have kept up with catching bugs and inspecting them every chance we get. We didn’t want LC to be scared of bugs, so we dove head first into learning all about them. Now, LC loves looking at them, calling them pet names ( ” hey baby ! ” ) and speaking sweetly to them! It’s adorable 🙂

Here are a few of the activities we did for this portion of our letter exploration:

Letter Bug


I drew the letter for LC to color and trace first and while she colored we went over the letter L, what sound it makes, and what words start with this letter. After coloring, we cut out our pieces that we needed to assemble our ladybug. When then added our coloring sheet to the black portion of our ladybug, added some spots to our wings, and began to assemble our cute little friend.

Paper Plate Ladybug


Over the summer, we create a unit based around the book ” Some Bugs “. You can find that unit and our project ideas by clicking here. During that exploration, we learned all about different kinds of bugs, went on bug hunts, and had tons of fun! If you don’t own ” Some Bugs “, I would highly recommend that purchase! You can find the details and steps we took to create these paper plate ladybugs by visiting that post.

Letter L Coloring SheetsHere is a link to the coloring sheets we printed out and used for this portion of our letter exploration unit. You can find tons of coloring sheets just by doing a search on Pinterest! BestColoringSheets.com is also a great site to look through for coloring pages as well. The link for these coloring sheets will actually take you to that website and I would highly recommend looking around while you’re there 🙂

Here are the video resources we used for this portion of our letter exploration:

The Life Cycle Of A Ladybug 

Minuscule The Ladybug



Our love for lemons is real! We love everything lemon from lemon candles to decor. LC loves her lemon water and lemon Oreos, so we thought it would be fun to explore these fruits during our letter L unit.

Here are a few of the activities we did for this portion of our letter exploration:

Painting With Lemons


For this activity, you will need a piece of paper thick enough to paint on, a paper plate, one lemon, and two forks. Cut the lemon in half and push your forks into each lemon to act as a handle for your little one to grab on to you. Dip the lemons in paint and let your child explore! Note: It’s helpful to remove any seeds that may be present. If you remove them BEFORE you start painting, it will eliminate these paint covered items from rolling off the table and getting paint every where …. trust me 🙂

Lemon Cookies


We love cooking with LC and she is equally as interested in the process! Since LC and Mommy are big fans of anything lemon, we decided to make lemon cookies together. We got our  recipe from ” Dessert Now, Dinner Later ” and you can find that full recipe by clicking here. If you’re a big fan of desserts, be sure to browse this blog! This soft baked lemon cookie recipe was incredibly easy to follow and the cookies were absolutely delicious. Seriously, they were gone in 2 days!


Here are the video resources we used for this portion of our letter exploration:

How To Grow Meyer Lemons 

Babies Eating Lemons 

Learning The Alphabet (35)

And that concludes our letter L exploration! All of this projects and activities are easy to put together and require items that you probably already have in your house. The lemon cookies were definitely our favorite part of this unit and I would highly recommend you try them, whether you are doing them with the kids or just by yourself! For more letter explorations, check out our next alphabet post : ” Exploring The Letter M: Monsters, The Moon, and Marshmallows

Brittany XOXO

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