Let Us Begin !

As an artist, I have always had a passion for creative thinking, going outside the lines, exploring and growing a skill set. As an educator, I try to incorporate these ideas in learning new concepts. I have seen first hand the benefits of putting a concept in a new light by incorporating it in to an art project. Children have such free and creative minds that many times they need to be hands on in order to gain a full understanding of a concept. For example, when learning basic vocabulary concepts, such as what a noun is, we often use visuals to help children understand what a noun actually is. We use a picture of a woman with rosy red cheeks, a picture of a welcoming school, and a detailed yellow pencil. We all connect to visual representations of concepts when our brains tap out after a long lecture or a passage of boring text. I have created this blog as a way to help myself and others formulate ideas to get children to be hands on and involved in their education and walk away with an inspired mind. Not every project must have a hidden curriculum behind. In fact, many of my project ideas have been created with the soul purpose of having fun! It just so happens that every opportunity for fun can also present an opportunity to learn something new.

I recently started my own company, Creative Outlet For Little Hands. My company offers arts and crafts services for birthday parties, personal instruction, and summer camps. I wanted to start my own company that allowed me to be free in helping children put down the iPad and pick up a paintbrush, find their inner creativity and explore their abilities. I will also admit that I have a 2 year old daughter of my own and it killed me to be away from her all day. While I loved my educational career, I wanted a job that didn’t seem like a job and allowed me to be around more for her. That path has lead me here. Here creating a blog that allows me to connect with others who have a passion for education, the arts, and for being hands on with their children.